Cindy Pom


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I’ve worked my way up from being a local radio reporter to a correspondent for a national Canadian television network. 

The path has not been easy, and it is journey that I’m still on.

When I think about why I wanted to be a journalist, I realize that it is shaped by my struggles with my identity.

I’m the daughter of Chinese immigrants who was born and raised in Canada. In many ways, my life has been filled with contrasts. 

At home, we spoke Mandarin. At school, I’d switch to English. My parents desired a stable career for me, shaped by the pain of the poverty they endured in their homeland. I desired the pursuit of a dream that I knew would be lined with uncertainty, guided only by my instincts. 

I struggled with my identity – of figuring out who I am, how I fit in to society, and what others thought of me.  

It would be journalism – through learning about other peoples’ struggles - that I confronted my own. It would be through telling their stories that I felt less alone. 


When I was twenty and still an undergrad, I was hired as a reporter at a news radio station in Toronto, 680News. It was an interesting experience trading a backpack during the day for a microphone pack at night. 

After graduation, I worked at a start-up television network, Sun Media, where I began as a writer-editor before quickly moving up to reporter. After two years there, I was hired at one of the country’s leading networks, Global News.

After four years of reporting at Global News in Toronto, I took a leap of faith: I decided to leave my cushy job and move to Paris, in order to pursue a professional Master’s at Sciences Po. I specialized in International Security, as I wanted to delve deeper into the complexities of today’s issues with the ultimate goal of becoming a better, more informed journalist.  

While based in Europe, often travelling between Paris and London, I contribute as an international correspondent for Global News, telling stories for TV, online, and radio. 

It is an honor and privilege to tell stories for a living. Words, pictures, and sound have the power to move people, to make them feel something. It is the stories of struggle, loss, triumph, and happiness that inspire me and shape my work.   

Here on my site you can find my reel, watch my stories, read my articles, and get in touch. I hope to connect with you, and perhaps we will cross paths in the future.

- Cindy

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